divorce-and-litigationTwo out of three marriages in the USA today end in divorce. Most divorce litigation cases involve a team of professionals (i.e. lawyers, CPAs, and psychologists). Usually the individuals seeking divorce initially consult and contract the attorney.

Most litigated divorces from the initial conference require a professional to review, compile and present in a prescribed form substantial financial data on behalf of their client. Due to the technical aspects dealing with financial client information the CPA not the attorney is most qualified to perform this part of the divorce engagement.

Our firm provides various divorce litigation support services with years of experience in supporting divorce attorneys and clients with their cases:

Financial Affidavit and Interrogatories
Child Support Guideline Calculations
Pension Valuations and Analyses
Business Valuations
Equitable distribution schedules
Tax Settlement Strategies and Tax Advice
Financial Support for Settlement Conferences and Mediation Sessions
Expert Witnesses